Magic Man :: "Monster"

This is about hiding and waiting. Magic Man, a sparkling and fuzzy synth outfit from Boston, generate "Monster," a song that exists somewhere between the tribal pop of Tanlines and the electro instrumentation of The Postal Service. A slow burn and a propulsive drive, it would be easy to reduce ourselves to an attention span that bores easily and doesn't have time for the popping down-beat appearing at 1.20. The chorus hides out like a committed Sardines player, attracting followers and size until only one seeker can't find the group location. Huddled behind a couch, or in the back of a closet in a forgotten bedroom, until 2.24 when the discovery unleashes relief, peels of laughter and an instruction: "Find your monsters/don't tell your friends." It twists the focus inward. For a song that resists being found, but is also completely after us, the directive is to dig down, to find something hiding and collecting dust in the quiet of our subconscious. The method is the madness; if the chorus is deep with in, we are going to have to fight to find the beauty in the breakdown.

Listen :: Magic Man - "Monster" [zshare]

You can get the whole Magic Man record for free at their bandcamp. It's outstanding.

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