Caged Animals :: "Teflon Heart"

You wish you could be so casual. She is downright breezy in the way she says, "talk to you later", the inverse of how you struggle to find a suitable way to end a rapidly protracting voice mail on her phone. Nothing sticks to her as she drifts in and out of your life like a mid-afternoon bee in a half open kitchen window. Caged Animals, a Brooklyn bedroom project, poised to reflect on these young, professional heartbreaks, wax philosophical about Zip Cars, off-beat Tom Cruise movies and the terrors of being labeled bourgeois. But this is the window dressing on this song's sad little center. Mournful organ chords hold up the architecture while clapping beats and sharp guitars frame the hook. It is Jape's, "Floating" with less Beta Band influence, a sad ending and no clear signs of substance abuse. Her heart is teflon, they tell us, the implication being, obviously, you are not.

Listen :: Caged Animals - "Teflon Heart"

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K.Fjórirthaler said...

a friend told me about this band yesterday.
i really like this song.

maybe you like some songs on my blog.

greetings from germany