Turf War :: "For The Last Time"

Scuzzy rock and roll never seems to go out entirely of fashion, like brick architecture on American college campuses or suit jackets for dinner. But, Georgians, in geography not style, Turf War spit a no-nonsense version of rock that has largely been cannibalized in independent music by something allegedly more esoteric or thoughtful or market-driven. This type of unfiltered, whiskey on a sore throat, frustrated, splitting the seams music is only kept alive by bands like Dead Confederate and Henry Clay People. Suitably, Turf War called their record, Years Of Living Dangerously, and "For The Last Time" serves as a shout-along statement of existential reality. The chorus figures as a churning and depressing resolution to never get this hard up again. The final lyrics: "Now I'm goin' home" paired with the earlier "I'm runnin' out of the man in me" reflect an exasperation, we presume, perhaps stereotypically, from late nights, cigarettes and enough downers to pacify a small island nation. If this is hard living, we also presume there is no way that Turf War is serious about walking away from it. Especially not if we all scream-count "one, two, three, four!" into the final chorus.

 Listen :: Turf War - "For The Last Time"

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