Secret Pilot :: "Lucy"

Manchester, England, one of those post-industrial towns that still finds meaning in difficulty, sends us gritty rock music in the form of Secret Pilot and their instantly memorable single, "Lucy". The vocals recall what US Royalty did so well in 2008 or early Kings Of Leon, that approachable, gravel-toned pop - this version with a vague sensation that the time signature has been lifted from a Vampire Weekend cut. On "Lucy", the guttural evocation, "I am letting go" leads into the chorus, a series of stepping pitches that are the sonic equivalent of an old telephone switchboard with wires slipping in out of different extensions, a heartbroken operator desperately seeking the correct connection. Each note of the refrain is willfully discrete, just one point on a terrible regression. And though this sounds soaring, it is not just some tropospheric rock song, and the lyrics are far more interested in the depths than whatever happened at altitude. But, the chorus is so rife with hooks that these notes will catch your eye like the side of a darkened building, office lights on different floors flicking on and off in time.

LUCY (official single) by secretpilotuk

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