The Jezabels :: "Try Colour"

The Jezabels are releasing their second free mp3 off their enormous debut record, Prisoner. This cut, "Try Colour" is another one of their shuddering, spacious tracks, almost in the spirit of "Hurt Me" from last year's She's So Hard EP. Singer Hayley Mary shines again, a menacing and brittle presence, uttering lyrics like, "Stuck like the star light, you pick your own fire, baby", at once sensual and distant. The final movement brings together thundering drums, rippling guitars and Mary's confessional lyrics, "In my dreams I've been a stranger." The arrangement washes away, unsettled as a matter of course. This band will be back in the States soon enough and you will have to reconcile whether you are in the small but growing group of people who have experienced them in person or if you still haven't seen Hayley Mary turn herself into the human torch on stage. I'll bet you a whiskey they close with Prisoner-closer, "Catch Me" and the biggest 30-seconds of music you'll hear in 2011 as they storm out of the bridge. But try, "Try Colour" for now while you reason out which side you're on.

Listen :: The Jezabels - "Try Colour"

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