Dreamers Of The Ghetto :: "State Of A Dream"

"State Of A Dream", the effective album opener from Bloomington, Indiana's Dreamers Of The Ghetto fantastic debut record, Enemy/Lover boils down to one wailing guitar riff. The pounding drums and the synths that wash over the record add up to less than that one original guitar, so insistently down-stroked in the first verse and so full of fervor in the the chorus. All of this has an edge, crackling drums and big shouting refrains, a quite pathological search for tangible reality. If "State Of A Dream" provides the bands thesis statement, it mirrors the album's closer, "Tether" which suggests that beyond this - whatever "this" is - lies another door, and another and another. But this is the just the first opening for a band with a very bright future, and full knowledge that no one is making independent rock music this big or this bold. Just listen to the guitars first.

Listen :: Dreamers Of The Ghetto - "State Of A Dream"

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