The Nomadic Firs :: "Vines"

The Nomadic Firs' new single, "Vines" inspires a gliding, effortless visual imagery. A slow-motion time lapse between the diving board and the surface of the water, the vocals are buried in an unmistakable haze but there is an equally hard to miss arc, a narrative even. The band suggests for you to get outside behind a bouncy loop that would remind you of what might happen if Len remade "Steal My Sunshine" as an indie rock seven inch. As for that same "sunshine," they tell us we deserve it, a languid half-rapped, half-sung reminder about the value of earning your place somewhere out there. The rhetorical flourishes touch the edges of grandiose, but this is bright, shimmering youth, not something that purports a heavy dose of pragmatism. To boot, the aesthetic is burnt out, bright midday sunshine, a type of malaise that unexpectedly inspires something hopeful. It's so lazy, you can almost see it turning into something else.

Vines - off the upcoming album slated for this fall. by Nomadic Firs

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Electronic Music Producer said...

I love this guy and give him full support. He truly does have unique sounds and I'm looking forward to more.