Fast Years :: "Young Heart"

Brooklyn's Fast Years and their debut single, "Young Heart" intimate the kind of awesomely poor choices made between adolescence and adulthood. This is the brand of rock that suits whipping days of hard living and fatalist romances. The band prescribes this type of love with a general shrug, "Let's fall apart", an edict that seems to operate as general and specific. Broadly, the project here is to romanticize and enliven the experiences of the young, an area that certainly needs no romanticizing or enlivening. So, perhaps, the charm of "Young Heart" is in its chorus and doe-eyed assumptions that anyone needs to be encouraged to have their heart trashed by another in mortal post-adolescent combat. In the same way the drums and surf guitars merge with the clap track and the refrain, the band expects that the young speed on a collision course toward one another. This much is obvious, the wreckage though, they estimate, is entirely necessary.

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