Here We Go Magic :: "How Do I Know"

Here We Go Magic, sounding a bit like Fleet Foxes trapped in loop pedal on latest single, "How Do I Know", open with the tragic and difficult question, "How do I know if I love you?" The song unfolds new iterations of this interrogative, as central and important as any, the arrangement mirroring this topical substance, pitching layers upon layers of keyboards, guitars and backing vocals. Eventually the song unwinds itself into a haze, the type of dizzy and pleasantly collapsing sound that must accompany the discussion of the question contained in the title. For all this anxiety, for all this not knowing, and this has everything to do with love, Here We Go Magic have that unique optimism that comes with the very asking of the question. The answer, after all, might be yes, and this is the richest of all possible maybes.

Listen :: Here We Go Magic - "How Do I Know"
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