Thieving Irons :: "Poison"

You would be hard pressed to reach full maturity without at least once reflecting, "I've got poison in my head", as Brooklyn's Thieving Irons do so brilliantly on coming single, "Poison." This wouldn't have to be the self-medicated, over-the-counter poison of the suburbs, light American-style lagers in parking lots and basements. It wouldn't have to be the poison you can get prescribed to you by a medical doctor if you say the right things or complain of "recurrent and debilitating pain". It wouldn't have to be the poison that is the beauty and stupidity of youth. It wouldn't have to be poison of toxic relationships and the vague schadenfreude that creeps wearily at the edges of adult life. It might just be Poison, a feedback loop for which there is no milk to drink, no control center to call, no doctor's couch on which to crawl, no 12-step program to engage. "You were always on my mind", the band intones over the top of insistent, down-stroke guitars as the arrangement pounds away, suggesting a different sort of self-imposed and inescapable toxicity. The song crashes toward its conclusion, lost and found somewhere between the finishing kick of "All My Friends" and the Tom Petty-footnotes of War On Drugs, sick, tired, pretty and cathartic.

Listen :: Thieving Irons - "Poison"

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