Big Wave Riders :: "Waiting In The Wings"

The lyric at the end of the chorus, so European, so post-punk, so cloudy that you can barely discern its outline, is the instruction: "Take me to the future now". It is a moan, a sigh, a veritable get-me-over heave toward to whatever comes next. For Big Wave Riders, a band gearing to release their debut LP, the lead single, "Waiting In The Wings", draws the aperture broad enough to let us see just what this future might hold. Aesthetically, the exterior faithfully updates early Cure singles, something like "Killing An Arab" that would have viewed a song like "Friday I'm In Love" as a sort anathema. Big Wave Riders do this sort of plagiarism with reverence and a bit of sonic thickening, filling in the gaps of the Robert Smith narrative with big, echoing claps and chasing guitars. The next thing, as usual, is just something old, made new in the enthusiastic hands of the present.

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