Tu Fawning :: "Anchor"

Tu Fawning's latest single, "Anchor" from their forthcoming sophomore LP, A Monument takes nearly four minutes to get fully underway. When it does, full of overlapping melody and ratatat tams, the song swells like storm surge puffing itself full of a bit of terrible megalomania. The opening moments portend only slivers of this danger, rumbling drums and falsetto vocals, a sparseness that foretells of something to come. The nautical imagery runs through more than just the title, a refrain that bobs against the forces of nature - the drums and the washing guitars - that threaten to destroy it, all before the arrangement unhinges, giving into what has always been hidden below, washing in with the tide.

Download :: Tu Fawning - "Anchor"

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Kayla Nicole said...

I love the epic vibe at the beginning of Anchor... great post!
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