Pure Bathing Culture :: "Silver's Shore Lake"

Justin Vernon's "Beth/Rest" changed everything in 2011. It was suddenly and completely acceptable for an artist to make music that sounded like it belonged in the closing credits of the Karate Kid franchise. Vernon, for his part, doubled-down on the artistic choices, the Michael McDonald guitars and piano, the saxophone, calling it, "the most important song on the record" and bristling at questions of style and substance. It was the last song on the record that would help Vernon win a Grammy. It was weird and, somehow, it was both good and fine. Pure Bathing Culture, a wonderful band who make wonderful music, have little to do with Vernon's choices, other than the fact that their latest song, "Silver's Shore Lake" shares a certain aesthetic sensibility with "Beth/Rest". Its echoes are glossy and the style is from more than two decades in the past. But, like "Beth/Rest", "Silver's Shore Lake" possesses song-writing of a quality to render some of these questions of derivation completely irrelevant. When the singer pleads, "I wish my heart was deep enough, so deep that I could keep you, love" the debate of acceptable use of the 1980s becomes asinine and you'll wish your heart was a little deeper too.

Download :: Pure Bathing Culture - "Silver's Shore Lake"

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