She's So Rad :: "Confetti"

The montage always works best in slow motion. Nothing lands in this half-speed universe, objects taking off and soaring in infinity. She's So Rad from Auckland, New Zealand have a perfect handle on this aesthetic, slowing their lead single, "Confetti" down a third from what most modern record producers would recommend. "Confetti" slides along with the Dramamine haze that would have never survived most band's rehearsal phase, let alone the increased tempo, audio compression, double-tracked vocals and a chorus that has to appear in the first 40 seconds at the recommendation of the staff of most modern music production houses. This is more languid until it isn't. When the drums hit, they come from every side, an ode to the early New Order singles to which this song's rhythm section owes so much. The power lies squarely in the lyrical imagery of the title, a confetti cannon exploding as the credits roll, the BMPs slow, everything suspended and spinning in defiance of all conceivable natural law.

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