The Rubbish Zoo :: "I Don't Know Where I Go"

There was a good case for Reptar's "Orifice Oragami" as the song and the sound of the summer. Entering themselves firmly into the conversation is Los Angeles-by-way-of-Cheyenne (yes, that Cheyenne, the one with the terrifying Stage Coach motel) band The Rubbish Zoo with the ebullient "I Don't Know Where I Go." The song centers itself in yelping group vocals and lyrics like, "warm and beach burned, I was daydreaming of sunny skin I could climb." The guitars chirp with the Afro-beat and World Music sensibilities that just about everyone uses these days, but rarely are these sensibilities used so well as on "I Don't Know Where I Go." The lyrics outline the languid days of protracted adolescence, all inside some serious linear anxieties like, "I can be alright if I make up my mind," before the chorus kicks to remind the listener that most of these kids have no idea what they're doing. Of course, this is the type of art that can be most elevating and meaningful, a song about the crushing world of both too many and too few choices. The Rubbish Zoo chose a clear direction, a fun and memorable EP and a stirring anthem for the season, a season that hasn't reached the solstice for this generation of longer days and worn out kids, a world of incredible possibility with absolutely nowhere to go.

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