Blonds :: "Time"

Exploding with sweeping melody and a pleasant aphorism, "Time is on our side," New York's next big band Blonds release next single, "Time." Coming off the popularity of sultry one-off, "Run," Blonds continues down the road of the one word title, this time with less bombast but no less pathos. Where "Run" erupted into big sky of a chorus, "Time" glides along under its own power, metronomic drums marking the only measure of insistence behind a song that is ostensibly about ignoring just these sorts of chronological pressures. There are elements of the Beach House formula here, and more than enough for fans of a bands like Tennis or Cults, though the impulse for Blonds always trends toward something cinematic. Consider the first lyrics, "Sleep in cars, explode like stars," a couplet with enough generality to appeal to anyone who was ever under 25 and had the kind of halcyon youth - or imagined they did - the band outlines here. "Time" all but suggests the listener project him or herself into the narrative, replacing the general with specifics, a place where the tempo slows and the clocks wind at a more reasonable pace.

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