Skipping Girl Vinegar :: "Chase The Sun"

Everyone wants pathos these days. Consider for a moment the shocking and ubiquitous success of Edward Sharpe's "Home", a song, ostensibly, about nothing other than coming back to something you know. Consider this generation's obsession with all things vintage. Photos should look like photos taken three decades ago. T-shirts are best when referencing an event that happened before you reached elementary school. Movies should look they were shot on Super-8. Movies are called Super 8. This may be the only age in human history that wants nothing to do with itself. This is the collision of modernism and fear of modernism. So it is something of a relief when a band like Skipping Girl Vinegar traffics so obviously in these well-worn, faux-vintage avenues and spouts a different narrative on single, "Chase The Sun." It is no less sentimental than Sharpe's "Home", lyrical delivery a shade more confessional and blue collar, but the thesis is turned outwards, the eponymous title lyric. Of course, the band's video for "Chase The Sun" is both ridiculously charming and filmed in the same highly stylized stereotypes listed above, but it holds none of the sadness of a time at the end of time. Rather, that the present or the future might reasonably save us.

Listen :: Skipping Girl Vinegar - "Chase The Sun"

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