"You deserve some kind of warning," comes the cooing chorus of TRAILS AND WAYS latest single, "Mtn Tune." It is a strange thing to hear from a band who seemingly emerged from the primordial independent rock stew in the past three months. They could have warned us their guitars would have a voice all their own, distinctly equatorial and pleasantly warm to the touch. They could have told us they would have these inexorable, strange pop songs. In short, we could have been warned. Topically, and now part and parcel of the band's mercurial rise to notoriety this spring and summer, "Mtn Tune" is either about mountain top removal coal mining or falling in love at metaphorical high altitude, which both strike this writer as exceptionally dangerous, systemically bad ideas. At their best - and this counts - the band exudes a clean fecundity, alluring and not a bit sordid. "Mtn Tune" is pop that doesn't need a warning label, though it does its fetching sort of damage all the same.

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