On The List :: Deleted Scenes @ Mercury Lounge [7.19.12]

If being a small rock band on a small label was easy, everyone would do it. Deleted Scenes took to the Mercury Lounge in the 8 o'clock slot as the headliner of the "early show," which is rapidly becoming code for, "How do we turn this place over twice in a night?" The band opened with the buzzy onamonapia song, "Days of Adderall" before turning to the more esoteric, "Teenage Kids," a song that is, according to the band, not available anywhere, sporting a central lyrical image, "This is what it must feel like to have teenage kids" in regards to a failing romance. "I'd die to please you," the lead singer intones in what has to be the most heart breaking moment on the Lower East Side this Thursday. The middle of the set turned the band toward its more 1990s indie rock influences, cheeky and thinly veiled Pavement turns of phrase and, at times, chunky Built To Spill-style guitars. Deleted Scenes updated their reference points to those of the quirky, looping pop of the Shins on, "Bedbedbedbedbed," a song good enough to use a noun five times with no need a space bar. The night closed with "Fake IDs", a 2009 release and, surprisingly not their most recent single, "English As A Second Language," a song that was left out of the Thursday night set list. "Fake IDs" rang, as it has for the last three years, as an identity think piece, settling on the somewhat provocative lyric, "We've all got fake IDs" and its presumption that for all their "everyman pretensions," you couldn't be this band if you tried.

Listen :: Deleted Scenes - "English As A Second Language"

The band plays Rock Shop this evening, 7/20.

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