Permanent Collection :: "One Thousand Sins"

Teenagers can stand almost anything except hypocrisy. They can understand the world is unfair. After all, with the exception of certain ethnic minorities in certain societies, life is most broadly unfair for teenagers. They can understand the cruel Utilitarianism - that which is best for most is best for all - of democracy and modern government. They can understand that life is occasionally short and extremely difficult. But don't lie to them or spout values that run contradictory to your behavior. They can endure almost anything but this sort of contradiction. Permanent Collection, a band from San Francisco who aren't teenagers but reflect on the impulse nonetheless, set this sort of "do as I say, not as I do" platitude in their sights and ripe for destruction. The sound is like a careless and shoegazing indie pop, like Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart if they sincerely believed their own name and sang in a shabby baritone. The band's debut LP, Newly Wed Nearly Dead is being readied for release.

Listen :: Permanent Collection - "One Thousand Sins"

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