Blonde Summer :: "Slow Days Fast Company"

The girl you're standing next to at a house party in Silverlake recently appeared on an episode of an extremely popular television show. She played a high schooler on television and definitely isn't in high school. But, as the lights from Dodger Stadium filter over the hills like a second sun and people wax about the recent humidity, it's easy to imagine a sort of protracted, forever adolescence. In the city where it's nearly always warm, you never have to get old. It could be the red cups or her blonde hair and steady gaze, but this is Los Angeles, idealized, silly, suburban and pretty, exactly the days and nights that LA band Blonde Summer write about on their glossy and roaring single, "Slow Days Fast Company." With elements of the Thermals spoken-word delivery on simple lyrics like, "We're here now/hanging out/and you look like the type that's been around and around," the band offers a sort of hushed narrative about parties broken up by police and mornings after and girls who "look like your mother/to me you look like no other." It isn't a think piece, the title says most or all of it. These are languid, sepia-toned afternoons turning into endless evenings, imagery carefully chosen and hermetically sealed against time, full of pretty girls who just appeared on television.

Listen :: Blonde Summer - "Slow Days Fast Company"

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