Wildlife Control :: "Analog or Digital"

The great musical watershed of the past three decades is no more directly phrased than by Wildlife Control on debut single, "Analog or Digital". The title, thankfully and consciously, lacks a question mark, though the interrogative is perhaps tacit. There is no such indecision in the music where the driving guitars rip like a Tom Petty arrangement that chased an amphetamine habit cross-country from behind the wheel of small, small vehicle. Or maybe it sounds like a Phoenix song with no esoteric side. All of it is the foundation for a song about favorite songs, headphones and girls who know records that other girls don't know. In essence, an overly romanced depiction of right now. The gift here, from the band's debut self-titled record due on July 31, lies in the resolution, "it doesn't matter if she's analog or digital," squaring the circle on the grandest and silliest of questions in the span of one refrain. It is a summer song, an instant favorite whether it ends up as zeros and ones in your pocket or a vinyl LP on the shelf of some girl who is as relevant as it also doesn't matter.

Listen :: Wildlife Control - "Analog or Digital"

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