[Elevator] The Shimmer :: "No Surprise At All"

One the most hotly tipped bands out of the UK this winter is The Shimmer. The brother-sister duo storming out of a small town on Britain's eastern coast circulated a series of demos before being snapped up by Hit Club, home of Egyptian Hip Hop and Wolf Gang. "No Surprise At All" isn't a complicated affair, a wide-open, straight-ahead rock cut with driving guitars and 4/4 drums. By the final twist, where the band repeats the lyrics, "on and on," you can almost see heads nodding and lead-singer, David Hanks, improvising a yell, "comeonletsgo!" before screaming and falling away from the mike. In all the forward movement there are hints of darkness here; the lyrics address the perils of achieving some dream life where the reality is less rosy. Regardless, "No Surprise At All" is the best rock song we've heard this year.

Listen :: The Shimmer - "No Surprise At All" [zshare]

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