Preview :: Red Wire Black Wire and Beat Radio @ Glasslands [Tonight]

Tonight, two of New York's finest young bands are playing Glasslands in Williamsburg. Red Wire Black Wire are hot on the heels of their September release, Robots and Roses (and a July write-up from us) as Beat Radio prepares a series of monthly singles, the first of which can be found here.

Sonically, Red Wire Black Wire is exactly as explosive as the reference to bomb-defusion in their name would indicate. Emanating from the same Wesleyan-milieu that churned out MGMT, Boy Crisis and Amazing Baby, RWBW make dark, synth-driven music that manages to critically wink at genre while still taking a considerable dose of seriousness with their spoonful of sugar. Beat Radio, a drastically different animal, provide the kind of reflective tomes that come from quivering voices, shimmering lyrics and a working knowledge of Ben Gibbard's earliest work. The soundscapes are rich and moving and lead singer Brian Sendrowitz's voice sometimes whispering, other times yelling into the void.

Listen :: Red Wire Black Wire - "Breathing Fire"
Listen :: Beat Radio - "Sleepwalking"


Anonymous said...

RWBW is the HEAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this site - the writing is excellent here.
Also, RWBW is full of creamy, delicious nougat.