On The List :: Beat Radio @ The Glasslands [2.5.10]

Glasslands is some separate slice of New York indie rock meta-cognition. It is self-consciously quirky, evoking more than just the distinction of being an "art space," becoming an "Art Space," like some officially incorporated version of The House of Yes. The walls are lined with found-objects constructed with coherent, if intentionally jarring methodology, in an attempt to approximate a more holistic art brut. The most beautiful of these is a puffy white suggestion of cumulus cloud-cover above the stage, back-lit to indicate some sort of explosiveness, in lower-light forecasting a fire in the sky. And in front of this Brian Sendrowitz and Beat Radio are motoring through their set.

In the classic spirit of basement bands and Art Space Shows, Beat Radio are going on late and have major keyboard problems. For a band that relies on delicate, shadowy arrangements, losing your keys isn't an ideal scenario. Sendrowitz and his band seem a little out-of sync, struggling with an over-matched sound guy and a lead-guitarist insistent on overplaying his role. However, against the odds, Beat Radio are still infectious and affecting (the guitarist from Bridges and Powerlines will later call them "his favorite New York band").

The band played "Follow You Around" early, a difficult trick in the live environment, especially without the signature keyboards of the studio original. Relying on material from their most recent LP, Safe Inside The Sound, the set was, unfortunately, cut short because of the late start. Sendrowitz would give us a reference from stage because, undeniably, we share a sense of "the moment" (or tonight, is it The Moment). This was before playing "Sunday Matinee," the band's closing song and proof positive that Beat Radio can negotiate the hymns of youth with the maturity of adulthood, even without keys in a nameless Art Space on the water.

Listen :: Beat Radio - "Sunday Matinee"

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