Thrushes :: "Crystals"

"Who will I find to talk to?," singer Anna Connor poses the perfunctory sledgehammer. Treating a failing relationship like the lack of a partner at an awkward dinner gathering, Connor and Thrushes aren't worried that things are fundamentally falling apart; they're worried they won't have anyone to talk to at this thing. The second-half of the lyric, "who will I find to talk to/and grow old with/I wish it was you," draws a higher-stakes comparison but behind the fuzzy guitars and the insistent drums, Conner is after something quiet and earnest. The question reiterates, "who will I find to talk to," like the best thing in the world is to be sitting next to someone who gets your jokes, says interesting things and whispers sarcastic commentary about the stuffiness of the occasion under her breath when no one else is listening. With the melodic hints of The Bangles "Manic Monday" (listen hard), and the fuzzy, shoegaze rock that Pains Of Being Pure At Heart made work two years ago, Thrushes' "Crystals" sits next to you, cracking jokes only you can hear. That's exactly how things don't fall apart.

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Anonymous said...

correction: anna conner is the singer in thrushes, not rachel tracy. good review. love reading your blog.