Pin Me Down :: "Time Crisis"

Listed as bi-coastal - and we presume not that type of "bi-coastal" that leads to "bi-coastal curious" and then eventually just settling on the coast you wanted to begin with - Pin Me Down are truly a hybrid of the prevailing stereotypes of New York and London. On, "Time Crisis," breathless, full-sprint, electro-house meets with post-punk, arena guitars, all around the ethos of fist-making, twirling girl-power pop. And in this case, the product reflects the makers' individual histories.

As a side-project of Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack and former leadsinger of Black Moustache, Milena Mepris, Pin Me Down represents the dead center of these two impulses. The chorus of "Time Crisis," minus Mepris' soaring vocals, reminds you of your first listen of Bloc Party's A Weekend In The City, replete with the go-for-broke guitars and the arena impulse. Elsewhere, synths buzz, packaged drums hit with sharp digital fills and a dance-beat explodes like something loosed from a mid-1990s hit-factory. Perhaps, "Time Crisis" is so charming because it refuses to take itself too seriously, proof that rock can be fun and electro doesn't have to be so temporary. So maybe, Pin Me Down resists exactly what their name suggests, instead inviting us to a barge in the middle of the Atlantic where you don't have to choose which way to go.

Listen :: Pin Me Down - "Time Crisis"

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