Skybox :: "In A Dream"

It's a crying shame it's not May turning June. Not only because it's been in the single digits in New York and we're all feeling that emotional freeze of winter where everyone is a little edgy and beaten down, but also because Skybox's "In A Dream" would make more intimate and meteorological sense. The signature lyric about screwing with the sunshine still resonates in that finger-pointing way people get when things seem grossly unfair. It's ten degrees here, who the hell is responsible for this? Where is my survey or customer service hotline? Can I speak to the manager? Yes, "you fucked with the sunshine/you left it in the water/I think I'm gonna die." In surreal over-drama, it almost evokes the solar protectionism of Len's 1999 hit, "Steal My Sunshine" without being annoying. We suppose that we're facing down the next few months with resolve and unblinking hope. They think they're going to die in the dark but Skybox, more than likely, are about to blow up.

Listen :: Skybox - "In A Dream" [zshare]

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