Interview :: The Ghost Is Dancing [2.3.10]

The Ghost Is Dancing blasted on to our radar late but undeniably this past fall. Their latest record, Battles On is a stunning, approachable cry for youth and rock and roll amidst a world of failing signifers. Last week we shot some emails back and forth with Jamie and Kevin from the band about their favorite records and if they really can swim to shore from anywhere.

32feet: What are your top 5 desert island records?

-White Album (because there's more songs)
-Moon and Antarctica by Modest Mouse
-In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
-Feels by Animal Collective
-Abbey Road

You strike me as a band on the verge of something very big. What should be people expect from you all in 2010?

Well, we're currently working on some new songs that are hopefully going to sound quite a bit different but keep all the things you'd expect from us, and we're hoping to play more shows across Canada and the US.

Imagine the following scenario: Your band takes a cruise way out on the harbor and the boat starts sinking. Help will not arrive in time and there are only two life-jackets. Who gets them?

Easy answer. Lesley and Eric would get the life-jackets. Not because they're special or anything (they are though), but because Odie, Jamie and myself are extremely competitive and would try to see who could make it back to shore first.

Do you have a dream tour partner? Is there one band you all admire and would love to take 3-4 months on the road?

While it might not make the most sense musically, I think it would be amazing to tour with Animal Collective. They're definitely one of our favourite bands right now and it would be awesome to get to see them perform every night. For a bill that we might fit better on, I'm thinking maybe Wolf Parade? Or Spoon would be a lot of fun.

What is the most important thing about The Ghost Is Dancing that people don't know?

We love to meet people and make friends. After every show we always try to talk to the other bands or the audience members. And not just to find a place to sleep! (Although that's useful too). We like to hear about the fun things to do in a city, the best places to play a show or grab a bite to eat, and it's always nice to associate a place with friends that we look forward to seeing again.

Listen :: The Ghost Is Dancing - "Battles On"

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