The Radio Dept. :: "Never Follow Suit"

On Radio Dept.'s latest mp3 leak, "Never Follow Suit," from the shockingly good, Clinging To A Scheme, the band finds one of those up-stroke reggae progressions dealing almost exclusively in sunshine. Of course, like the rest of Radio Dept.'s material, "Never Follow Suit" is one of those glossy, warm thesis statements that ends up having some darker corners and some jagged edges. Driven-largely by a reverb-clap track, thoughtful bass and the articulate, up-stroke keys, "Never Follow Suit" even descends into a sample of spoken lyrics in the bridge, a sign of the band's willingness to throw off convention, even while trafficking in their own obvious aesthetic. Like the rest of the album, the sun is shining outside your building, even while it rains inside your apartment.

Listen :: The Radio Dept. - "Never Follow Suit"
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