On The List :: Two Door Cinema Club @ Bowery Ballroom [5.12.10]

This review appears in radio edit shine (actually, this is the radio edit) on Bowery's Houselist Blog.

Two Door Cinema Club captures that youthful exuberance usually reserved for punk records, freshman year in college and elementary-school recess. As they took the stage at The Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday night, the band reflected little on their second sold-out New York City show on their first United States tour. Instead relying on their lyrics, interspersing tautological wisdom (“It’s too late/ You’ve got another one coming and it’s gonna be the same”) with soft rhetorical questions (“Do you want it all?”). Two Door Cinema Club was the embodiment of the youth they lionize and, fortunately, don’t fully grasp.

In one of those moments that was as genuine as it was planned, Two Door Cinema Club opened their set with “Cigarettes in the Theatre,” the first song off their debut LP, Tourist History. They proceeded to play a series of cuts off that disc before delving into B-sides—“Hands Off My Cash, Monty,” “Kids” and “Costume Party.” With a clear limit on their recorded catalog, the fresh-faced kids relied on the rest of their album, either by choice or necessity.

After a brief respite backstage, the band returned with a two-song encore, culminating with the stomping and furious single “I Can Talk.” The crowd bounced and spun like a decidedly unsymmetrical rubber ball, calling to mind the lyrics of “Hands Off My Cash, Monty”: “I made it to the top to get away.” But for these boys from Northern Ireland, they wouldn’t be escaping from this summit of New York City. In fact, with a winning lack of cynicism, they promised they would be back.

Listen :: Two Door Cinema Club - "I Can Talk" [Radio Edit]
Listen :: Two Door Cinema Club - "Costume Party"

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