Interview :: GROUPLOVE [5.4.10]

A few weeks back we ran across the stunning comers GROUP, now GROUPLOVE. With a debut EP on the way and a killer first single, "Colours", the band seems more than poised to travel from town to town, destroying North America, far beyond the confines of Los Angeles. The band answered some questions over the weekend, none regarding member Hannah Hooper, who did the art on the Morning Benders record and is the artist behind the sketch of GROUPLOVE practice above.

32feet: Top 5 Desert Island records?

Sean: The Freewheelin' -Bob Dylan
Hannah: Punk in Drublic- NOFX
Christian: Les Preludes - Liszt
Ryan: Rubber Soul- the Beatles
Andrew: Fattie Fattie- the Heptones

32feet: You seem to exhibit the old attributes of a "music collective." Is this the goal, to create something big and democratic, with a lot of moving parts? Or is this a total misread on the GROUPLOVE narrative?

GROUPLOVE: Not a misread. We all bring it.

32feet: What is something you hope people never say about your band?

GROUPLOVE: "Your second album SUCKS."

32feet: Imagine GROUPLOVE is on a sinking ocean liner and there are only two life jackets left. Who gets them and why?

GROUPLOVE: We'd throw the life jackets overboard and go down with the ship.

32feet: At gunpoint, in total mutual exclusivity, fame or credibility?

GROUPLOVE: Fifty Cent got shot nine times.

32feet: What is the one thing people don't know (or never might know) about your band that they should absolutely remember?

GROUPLOVE: We all have the same birth mark.

Listen :: GROUPLOVE - "Colours" [mediafire]


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