[Stream] Vampire Weekend :: "Jonathan Low"

As the Twilight movies continue their relentless assualt on each corner of American culture, the latest installment features a soundtrack with a new song from Vampire Weekend. The cut, "Jonathan Low" is a soaring, anthemic joint, replete with church bells, thudding drums, full strings, all driven by the smallest mandolin riff this side of "Losing My Religion". At times sounding like an orchestral Fleetwood Mac, or a Ezra Koenig-fronted Arcade Fire (feel when "Jonathan Low" could easily turn into a "Rebellion" cover at 1.05), Vampire Weekend seems hell-bent on taking baroque-pop to its most logic and most monolithic conclusion. "Jonathan Low" is a swollen, high-tide of instruments and melody proving, in the words of the man from whom Vampire Weekend has borrowed so much, that they are, quite definitely, angels in the architecture, spinning in infinity.

Vw by c87157

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deadbands said...

I always love finding out a band is not afraid of getting huge.