[Preview] Two Door Cinema Club @ Bell House and Bowery Ballroom [5.11-12]

When we wrote about Two Door Cinema Club in the first days of 2009, they had a two demos and were using an iPod as a drummer. We said they were going to break big and, frankly, if they didn't, it would be because everyone was being a fantastic idiot and listening to something awful. Congratulations, you didn't do that and they're finally here, touring stateside and ready to invade New York with shows at Bell House and Bowery Ballroom, both opened by chill-wave stunners MillionYoung. The Two Door Cinema Club record, Tourist History, is one of the best of 2010 and this is all happening like they planned.

Listen :: Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work"
Listen :: Two Door Cinema Club - "Costume Party"

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Joslynm said...

Heading to the Bell House tonight for this show. So excited!