To My Boy :: "Hello Horizon"

Following 2007's aggressive and electronic Messages, the UK's To My Boy are set to return with a new album, The Habitable Zone. Loosely, the record is about a day when human life on earth is no longer possible and our subsequent search for a, no surprise here, more habitable zone. The pulsing electro-pop is what the 80s sounded like but the video is what the non-HD cameras of the decade could never have done. Like some cross between a Kate Bush video and the beautifully-weird, Danny Boyle-directed Sunshine, the boys from To My Boy create a brand new universe in the grass, just south of the English moors. Like Emily Bronte writing a script for Armageddon, the surreal and the sublime meet, side by side in orbit, around the fairest sun.

To My Boy "Hello Horizon" (2010) from Matt Freeth on Vimeo.

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