Bridges and Powerlines :: "You Were The First Thing"

Like a parade moving methodically through a urban metropolis, or like a somber and banjo-toting Godzilla, slinking away from a failed attempt at mass destruction, Brooklyn's Bridges and Powerlines', "You Were The First Thing" is at once stomping, uncompromising and reflective. In a second act, it puts on dancing shoes and recasts this mediation as a kicking-out, upwardly mobile pathos, revealing a more troubling and interesting image. The central lyric, "I might feel more if I met you a lifetime later in an old city" becomes a wailing insistence, before chimes chase away the darker corners. Whatever the visual metaphor, the ethic is a power limited by space or time, saying effectively, "maybe next lifetime, girl," a melancholy limited only by our ability to navigate the waters of the fourth dimension.

Listen :: Bridges and Powerlines - "You Were The First Thing"
Listen :: Bridges and Powerlines - "Uncalibrated"

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