Two Years Old :: 400th Post

32ft/sec turns two years old today and, coincidentally, it is also our 400th post. As is the tradition, some thanks. First, to anyone who has killed some time with us, and according to our numbers it is some 52,000 of you, we appreciate it. If you make this a regular stop in your reading rotation or if you read us every day, thank you, especially the 4,000 cool kids who made it a point to read us last month.

Thanks to the publicist folks for the shows and CDs and idle banter over email.

Thanks to the bands who put up with our asinine questions in interviews and inexplicably continue to send us their music and allow it to be downloaded. We're just dancing about architecture here; you are the artists.

And thanks especially to the personal friends of the 32ft project. You endure endless bullshitting and rhetorical posturing about music but, ultimately, you are the inspiration for all of this and much is either of or about you. My thanks.

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