Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. :: "Vocal Cords" [Diego and the Dissidents Remix]

One of the most promising bands on the horizon of your tasteless friend's iTunes is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Rephrased as an English sentence: This is a band you have the pleasure of enjoying now, before you have to reconsider your original feelings because of how many people (and not terribly credible critics of music either) like them. We caught the Dale E. boys at CMJ and were floored by how they were able to operate without all the ironic overtones of their normal stage show. Sonically, it is the mixture of the second Vampire Weekend record and the melodic subtlty of a Justin Vernon tune. In that moment before they blow up, they have a remix EP ready with retakes done by the likes of Deastro. On this reimagining of "Vocal Chords," the back beat emerges as a Nintendo drum pad while the melody soars out of zeros and ones with the ebullience of a helium balloon fleeing a child's hand. Now, whether that child had good enough taste to appreciate the balloon is another matter entirely.

Listen :: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "Vocal Chords" [Diego and the Dissidents remix]

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