Shadow Shadow Shade :: "Say Yes"

We aren't too polite to be exuberant. Or, if we are, we shouldn't be. We aren't so cool that we can't be impressed. We aren't so critical that we've lost the ability to affirm anything. We aren't so artsy that we associate bombast with a lack of credibility. Or, if we are we shouldn't be. The seven members of Los Angeles' traveling roadshow Shadow Shadow Shade are none of the above in their creation of big, stomping, wide-open "Say Yes," from their self-titled debut record. Built on the wreckage of the band Irving, this iteration crowds themselves on the tiny club stages of LA, before trying to blow the roof off with a spectacular blend of throw-back pop and rock. Think of the band Fun, the ashes of the Format and then add some Southern rock and less polish in the group vocals. And if you can find a way to hate that, see above.

Listen :: Shadow Shadow Shade - "Say Yes"

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