Wolf Gang :: "Lions In Their Cages" [Memory Tapes Remix]

Wolf Gang's stunning single, "Lions In Their Cages" is getting the rework from the Memory Tapes folks. Mixing the original's penchant for elevation with the cold medicine space of Memory Tapes sonics seems antithetical, until you hear the walking bass line step out underneath Max McElligot's soaring vocals, somehow both detached from and connected to their original intentions. Memory Tapes settle in on the central lyric, "Check the time/'cause time keeps moving on and on," pulling it out with greater and greater authority. The bridge sees a glittering array of synths explore every direction of your headphones before we again return to McElligot's reminder to look at our watches. It is, after all, almost over.

Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages (Memory Tapes Remix) by radarmaker

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