Acrylics :: "Nightwatch"

It could be this band promo photo, but it seems like Acrylics live in the middle of a 3-minute 21-second movie montage. You know, the ones that are inserted to explain certain circumstantial details of the plot; the things that the director needs you to know but doesn't have time to labor over. For Acrylics, their movie is something slick, maybe the lush neon of a glowing downtown, and the band is in their Sunday worst, playful in the exploration of the side streets, youthfully optimistic without being annoying. On "Nightwatch," the band insists they believe in both truth and infinity before light-hearted guitars lead us back out into a street where the cars always stop for two pedestrians weaving in and out of order, hands held and throats straining with laughter you can't hear over the music.

Listen :: Acrylics - "Nightwatch"

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