Murder Mystery :: "Problems"

Last week I was in a conversation about whether or not we become more or less selfish as time goes on. In essence, does physical maturity necessarily lead to altruism or does it just give you a better vocabulary for why you'll do what ever the hell you want? The trappings of adolescence are undeniably snow-globish; we are limited and painfully focused on ourselves. But what next? Murder Mystery offers a delicate slice of electro-pop into this void. Lush synths meander toward a chorus built on the lyric, "After day after day in a row/yeah, I've got problems of my own." These are the silky, adorable female vocals of the Caroline Polachek school, making the chorus seem somehow less about declaring a republic of self. So maybe we aren't less selfish; we just know what we can fix and what we can't.

Listen :: Murder Mystery - "Problems"

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