Lord Huron :: "Mighty"

Remember the fall of 2009, when Vampire Weekend's "Horchata" snuck onto your hard drive and exploded with a burst, like the first warm days of spring? What about October 1990, when Paul Simon's Rhythm of the Saints did the same thing for a generation of music fans still so stunned by Graceland that they claimed the follow up was somewhat underwhelming?

Los Angeles' Lord Huron has broken through the clouds with the a similar impulse, if without the catalogue of Simon or the 2010 commercial success of Vampire Weekend. On "Mighty," he uses the same polyrythmic impulses and tribal flair to create a nearly six-minute meditation on the power of youth. It glitters and soars, sounding like Yeasayer taking on "The Obvious Child," with all the boldness and clarity of an artist certain of his own power. One of the year's best songs, "Mighty" will clear your tangled mind, brighten the darkest corners, stunning to submission the doubters and converting the wicked.

Listen :: Lord Huron - "Mighty"

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