Kanye West @ Bowery Ballroom [10.23.10]

Yesterday as news leaked out that Kanye West would be playing Bowery Ballroom, I was on a train from DC to Providence. Immediately emailing my editor with Bowery Presents, I swore I would get off in New York if he could set up a guest list for the show. We had 70 minutes to make it happen and, well, it didn't happen in time. No hard feelings and an amazing effort, but what about the people who snuck through Ticketmaster's labyrinth and paid their 106 dollars to see Mr. West? They saw the entirety of West's new record, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and an encore that would close with a nearly ten minute rant. By all reports it was explosive, heavily documented and down right weird. Would you expect anything less?


Jeremy said...

Did you just put up an entire post so you could name check the fact you could have gotten into that show, even though you didn't follow through on the nominal effort to actually do it? Booooo.

32feet said...

It's called "journalism."

noah said...

Your "readership" doesn't care about your "editor" or your "problems." More bands we've never heard of; less boring stories about trains.

This year I'm thankful for being able to rant on the Internet.

With love,
Your West Coast contributor for the next five days/new roommate