Everything Everything :: "Photoshop Handsome" [Il Figures Remix]

If Clock Opera hadn't remixed Marina's "I Am Not A Robot" this year, this Il Figures remix of Everything Everything's "Photoshop Handsome" would certainly be our favorite of the year; which is a fancy way of saying, there's nothing wrong with the medal stand. "Photoshop Handsome" is known unofficially in our circle of friends as "that song that has the extra life line in it," nominally referencing video game metaphors with a straight face over beatnik synths. On this recasting, lasers and packaged drums open like a Nintendo playing a drum interlude (see, now that's a video game simile), before shimmering loops and swirling strings soar over glitchy beats, turning "Photoshop Handsome" into one of those life-affirming anthems with "I will give you an extra life" as its marching orders. The original was twitchy, late night and underground. This version takes us to the top of the bell tower shouting the central lyric as evangalism. If it's something this good, you need everyone to hear it.

Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome (II Figures Remix final) by EverythingEverything

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