Wildlife :: "Stand In The Water"

Toronto's Wildlife sound a bit like Wolf Parade; it's best to get this out of the way early because I would hate for it to be a distraction from what is an incredibly impressive debut in its own right. On "Stand In The Water," the band explodes out of its first insistent motifs with a soaring breakdown at the 1.49 mark. Gaining momentum from there, the song is a miasma of group vocals, double-tap drums and roaring major keys. The final movement is meant to be turned up, all these disparate elements colliding and the song's one major lyrical contingency, "As long as you're looking for me," shifting into real marching orders, the shout-along, "We're all going somewhere!" Even with a song built on a tiny guitar progression, you can be certain Wildlife is absolutely headed somewhere.

Wildlife- "Stand In The Water" by 32feet

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