Lisa Hannigan :: "A Sail"

If true human affection involves the dual act of killing and being killed, Lisa Hannigan is both a mass murder and a willing victim. Dating back to her mildly over-wrought and completely beautiful work with Damien Rice (footnote: 2006, "9 Crimes" single release), Hannigan has proved the master of shooting the middle between being so brittle you thought she could be snapped in half and seemingly so stout she dared you to try. Now away from being Rice's secret weapon, she is already onto her second solo effort, Passenger, out this fall. Not the first single (which will be "Knots") but first available download, "A Sail" illustrates Hannigan's twin gift for metaphor and melancholy pop. A broken, little banjo hook, some strings and a final analysis, "I will roll my heart up", leave you almost laughing at how far she's willing to go to have you picture her emotional boat, sails rolled in, beaten about a terrifying sea or listless in a dead one. As usual, still very much alive, we picture her somewhere in the middle.

Lisa Hannigan - A Sail by partisanpr

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