All I Really Want Is Girls :: An 8tracks Mix

With the continued support of the wonderful people over at 8tracks, we've re-examined our music library with a new eye and increasingly arbitrary filters. This time, on "All I Really Want Is Girls", we avoid the Beasties' track of the same name, but keep the impulse, searching for the songs that feature a single-word, female name. That means Ben Folds' "Jane" would be in (though we went with "Emaline" instead) but the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" would be out. I know, arbitrary. You'll notice a lot of them end in the letter "a" either indicating that a lot of girl names end in this letter or that, at the very least, this closing vowel inspires song creation (read: love, heartbreak, etc.). We pulled from Avi Buffalo to Brandon Flowers, Miike Snow to Wolf Parade, about those faces that launched a thousand ships and those names that inspired all this great pop.

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Jeremy said...

this is fantastic.