Big Wave Riders :: "Behind These Walls"

In these cheap, one paragraph reviews we all write - the scary footnote being that we historically write more than our peers - it is always tempting to delve into easy metaphors. A band called Big Wave Riders? Let's immediately trot out phrases like "wall of sound", maybe we let you make the connection, or maybe it's more obvious and we talk about being "washed away"or even more cheaply, we use the word, "crest". It's graphic in both senses of the word, but imagery of this type is as lazy as it is pervasive. Finland's Big Wave Riders are thusly not a band that remind me of anything, despite some of the obvious shared genetic material with countrymen, French Films. "Behind These Walls" features an impatient, even urgent bass line, as the backbone of crashing vocals and a soaring, unintelligible chorus. It is instantly full of hooks, a tidy pop song, shoegazing in parts, loads tougher than the Drums and more fun than anything else you'll do this morning. Unless, you've gone surfing. This is harder than it looks.

Listen :: Big Wave Riders - "Behind These Walls"

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