Kyla La Grange :: "Heavy Stone"

As we inch closer and closer to Kyla La Grange's debut LP at the beginning of next year, she has yet another single ready for release in October, "Heavy Stone" with B-side, "Lambs". Available for streaming and free download below, La Grange is again in top form, though it almost risks redundancy to pay her these types of compliments. In her textbook style, "Heavy Stone" opens with a brittle guitar riff before processing in seemingly inexorable fashion toward a crashing final 30 seconds, the drums finding a new and resolute down beat as strings rise and churn behind the little woman with the enormous voice. Of course, it wouldn't be a La Grange song without a vicious lyrical twist. Over and above lines like, "I want to see myself painted in an invisible grey" and the cruel bridge, "We will remain unfinished puzzles as we sit", she closes with the last line of the chorus, all but that brittle guitar stripped away, the final denial, "I am carrying my cold heart home." Somehow even in this moment of narrative slinking away, gutted, La Grange still feels firmly in control, a master of big, heart-broken pop.

Heavy Stone by Kyla La Grange

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